How to build from scratch the most popular medium of the young generation and a survey that educates millions? An innovative combination of programming, management and automation.


Reach, audience, and team
Build a solid foundation of organic reach and audience engagement across social media channels and website, based on minimal financial capacity.
Build from scratch a contact base and organizational structure that operates with maximum flexibility and minimum routine.


Quality and performance from the ground up
Views quiz
Creation of a political and social questionnaire application based on the simplicity of the interface, carrying educational value and organic promotion by sharing results between users.
Introduction to the organization of the editorial office, based on the energy and ingenuity of young people, as well as an innovative form of operation - maximizing automation of routine processes and a new approach to running media in Poland.


Automation and new insights
The first complex political test that politicians have promoted
Introducing to the Polish political scene the first political test, analyzing the user's views in detail, which would be publicly promoted by politicians on their own initiative.
Questionnaires and user-generated content
Introduction of the world's first political test editor, which made it possible to multiply the number of questionnaires, their types and degrees of accuracy.
Introducing a simplified and lean model of operation based on holarchy, focusing on maximizing the extraction of team members' ingenuity, as well as the independence and permeability of working groups.

This allowed for significant flexibility of operation in a collaborative setting with students and learners, as well as provided an opportunity to effectively implement their ideas across teams.
Long live automation
Introduce near complete automation of routine editorial processes. From generating graphics, creating social media promotions, live streaming and meeting feeds, to automating communications with fans and politicians. Everything that doesn't require human input happens without it.
New quality of public debate
Introducing a new quality of debates to the Polish political scene, which aimed for neutrality combined with unusual juxtapositions, as well as high exposure of young activists.


Results produced by the project
+1.2 mln
completed questionnaires on the website, including +1 million users
+7.5 mln
video views on YouTube and Facebook
Exposure in the mainstream media
the project was covered in Do Rzeczy, Onet, Na Temat, Wprost, wPolityce and PolsatNews
Exposure in influencers
the project was shown in influencers of the biggest format such as Mandzio (650K followers), Kałach (110K) or Jeden z Wielu (90K)
Technologies and skills
TypeScriptNestJSNextJSMongoDBmongooseFigmaFormikApolloReactStrapiAirtablePupeeterGraphQLLeadershipManagementProduct vision
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