In a world of complex research panels, the answer is extreme simplicity and intuitiveness. In other words, how to target people, not analysts, in product development.

Simplicity is the key

Less is more
There's nothing worse than a complicated interface that's designed for technical analysts, not for the people who will use the application most often.
With the prevalence of complex research panels, the answer is extreme simplicity and intuitiveness. Make the interface as simple as possible, but no simpler than it needs to be.
An effective UX keeps users in the application and creates a positive perception of it, which contributes to creating a positive relationship with the product. It creates both benefits from the users' perspective and the business' perspective.

Shapes speak

Branding is the silent ambassador of the product
Branding should not talk about the product directly. It should highlight what the product gives to the user. In the case of a survey panel being created that rewards responses, the most important elements are the feedback and the reward.
In the logo and name, both pillars were distinguished. The opinion was translated into a balloon, and the reward into the emotion triggered by it - happiness.


Marathon in a straight line
The design of the app was based on simple shapes and highlighting the most relevant actions. The scenarios of using the application were reduced to a minimum in order to maximize the number of conducted surveys and the pleasure of using the application
The front-end of the application was based on modern solutions adapted to the needs of the project, which put speed of operation, scalability and the possibility of uninterrupted operation for a long time as the most important factors.
Rendering the page on the server side allowed for instant speed of the site. Precise optimizations were also applied in terms of resource consumption.
Technologies and skills
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