Modern system of managing content presented on screens which actively engages recipients. Cheap, simple and effective digital signage.
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Colors of change

Branding doesn't have to be complicated to carry value
The primary role of a product is change. Both the one in the minds of potential customers, but also on their TV screens.
By combining gradient colors and two overlapping screens to represent the change in the slide, all the values of the product are contained in one simple symbol.


Marketing that works and doesn't need specialists
Schools, small businesses or clinics need some distinction or symbol of prestige in the places where people hang out. With visual communication, they can effectively get the word out about current events, promotions, business developments or other things that are important from the organization's perspective.
Specialists don't have to be behind the distinction in outbound marketing. All it takes is an automated system where the user selects the appropriate templates, populates them with data and connects them to a browser built into the display.
All changes should occur independently and in an automated manner. One click in the system and after a while the replacement is visible on the screen.


Slides that Work
A number of technical optimizations have been applied to the app, from innovative forms of communication with the server and content rendering, to how the content itself is created by the user.
The design of the app was brought down to maximize usability and user customizability of everything. Visual communication with content viewers used simplified shapes and maximized versatility of use from a business perspective.
The application was based on modern technical solutions and modularization that allows the product to work and be used quickly.

Innovation Technology

First place - smartness
The classic method of creating digital signage solutions is to upload images, or videos, representing pre-made animations. However, this method is very redundant in the reality of today's technical capabilities.
The entire rendering of the slides, their animations and changes, is done on the client side (i.e., the TV on which the product is turned on, for example). In this way, the system loads only the necessary modules in the form of microcodes that run on the screen.
This not only relieves the load on the server, but also allows infinite scaling of the presented content - so it looks perfect on both small and huge resolution screens.
Technologies and skills
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